We recognize that in the past you may have felt your health concerns were not listened to.

We listen deeply, observe, and communicate with you about your unique challenges. Gordon Medical Associates is internationally recognized for helping patients who feel ill, but have normal test results, at least with the tests most commonly done.

Dr. Gordon says, “I believe my patients. Their description of what is going on in their body is the most accurate way we have to assess what is going on with them. I interpret the information they present, and blend it with laboratory results and imaging and other tests to determine a protocol that is customized to their condition.”

To us, your health issues present real, complex, interrelated symptoms.

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Metabolic features of chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a multisystem disease that causes long-term pain and disability. It is difficult to diagnose because of its protean symptoms and the lack of a diagnostic laboratory test. We report that targeted, broad-spectrum metabolomics of plasma not only revealed a characteristic chemical signature but also revealed an unexpected underlying biology. Metabolomics showed that chronic fatigue syndrome is a highly concerted hypometabolic response to environmental stress that traces to mitochondria and was similar to the classically studied developmental state of dauer. This discovery opens a fresh path for the rational development of new therapeutics and identifies metabolomics as a powerful tool to identify the chemical differences that contribute to health and disease.

Metabolic features of chronic fatigue syndrome
We are pursuing the goal of matching patient to therapy.

We are exploring many modalities of treatment, and partnering with researchers at UCSD, Stanford University, and the Society of Cannabis Clinicians, along with several groups working to improve collecting and processing patient history and outcome data.

Our most active current research is the Metabolomics Research we are doing in collaboration with Robert Naviaux of UCSD, through the newly established Gordon Medical Research Center. You can now make a tax deductible donation to help support this important research!

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Gordon Medical Research Center
Metabolic features of chronic fatigue syndrome

Q.  Some people still argue that CFS is not a real illness but all in the mind.  Does your discovery of a chemical signature help shatter this myth?

Yes.  The chemical signature that we discovered is evidence that CFS is an objective metabolic disorder that affects mitochondrial energy metabolism, immune function, GI function, the microbiome, the autonomic nervous system, neuroendocrine, and other brain functions.  These 7 systems are all connected in a network that is in constant communication.  While it is true that you cannot change one of these 7 systems without producing compensatory changes in the others, it is the language of chemistry and metabolism that interconnects them all.

Metabolomics Q&A for CFS v6

Metabolic features of chronic fatigue syndrome

Medical Director

Eric Gordon MD
Eric Gordon, M.D.
Medical Doctor/Founder and Medical Director of Gordon Medical/President of Gordon Medical Research Center/President of Science in Service of Humanity
“My deep respect for the individuality of my patients is the heart of my practice. The point is to carefully listen to each patient and correlate their subjective experience with pertinent objective laboratory tests, to determine unique treatment guidelines that allow the innate wisdom of the body to overcome illness and restore good health." --- Eric@gordonmedical.com

Independent Practitioners in Our Offices

Wayne Anderson Nd on the Byron White Formulas
Wayne Anderson, N.D.
Independent Practitioner/Naturopathic Doctor
“Patient care must integrate mind and body, incorporating the strengths of alternative and conventional medicine, and tailoring a program that recognizes the uniqueness of each person.” --- Wayne@gordonmedical.com
Alice Prescott DO
Alice Prescott, D.O.
Independent Practitioner/Osteopathic Doctor
"I have a special interest in treating Lyme disease and chronic illness. I enjoy working with people to find their motivation and strengths to help overcome difficult obstacles to health. From my traditional osteopathic training, I see health issues as involving somatic (body), mental, and spiritual dimensions." --- Alice@gordonmedical.com
Nafysa Parpia ND
Nafysa Parpia, N.D.
Independent Practitioner/Naturopathic Doctor
"Functional and integrative medicine that is heart centered guides how I treat my patients with complex chronic illness. Each patient has unique contributing factors to their disease. Biochemical imbalances, epigenetic expression, toxin exposure, microbial exposure and emotional imbalance are often key in unraveling the mystery of and treating chronic illness." --- Nafysa@gordonmedical.com
Dr. Parpia also works out of the Marin offices


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Biosyntonie - Next Dr. Suhu helped me create the final touch with bringing in the 5 elements; fire, water, air, wood and metal into my home. This is done with using elements in nature and placing them in specific areas to create a balance and harmony that you feel in nature. This is the goal of Geobiology. What I noticed was: 1) The whole family is more relaxed. 2) Everyone is sleeping better. 3) I teach movement classes at home, and the change in the students from before and after was subtle, but very noticeable to me. They were much more receptive to new information and less resistant to change. 4) For the first time in years, I no longer want to move out of my home!

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